21 September 2023|In Nachrichten / Blog

Vacuum cleaning with benefits

All-in-one and mega-easy, that’s the least you can say about the youngest ERGOX innovation. After all, the ERGOX KIOSK brings everything you need to make your car look like new again in one user-friendly device.

The Kiosk guides you step by step through the clear menu, where you choose what you want to do: vacuum, check the tire pressure (and adjust if necessary) or refill the screen wash. You will also find interior and glass cleaner, wet-look tire shine and reusable quality glove to make the experience complete.

Thanks to the link with your loyalty card, you can easily check your balance via the touch screen and replenish it on site if necessary.


ERGOX KIOSK makes car maintenance extra easy for the user and extra interesting for the car wash operator. Thanks to the self-service concept, the Kiosk stimulates the use of the loyalty card and therefore increases turnover. The user gets everything presented very clearly at one point.

Including the unlimited advertising options on the central screen.